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Tired of poor cell signals and dropped calls? Then check out Cellular Solutions, your one stop shop for improvements in cell phone calls. Get clearer signals for almost any space and make sure you never miss a phone call again. From installation to maintenance service, they’ve got you covered. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next purchase by taking advantage of Cellular Solutions coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions.

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Cellular Solutions specializes in the design and implementation of Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems that improve cell phone signals and eliminate dropped calls. Solutions are available for any size confined space. Mobile vehicle applications, residential spaces, commercial facilities, public venues and campus environments are common spaces in which clear cellular signal is required. Staying connected while at home is of utmost importance to everyone in this electronic age. Cellular phones are replacing landline phones of the previous generations. Having a clear signal in your home may be limited by the construction materials in your home or landscape surrounding your home which shield cellular RF frequency. As long as a usable signal can be located outside your home, a wireless in-building solution will work for you! Cellular Solutions has successfully provided in-building wireless coverage to thousands of large and small facilities in diverse industries such as commercial offices and warehouses, education, healthcare, hotels and casinos, airports, and governmental agencies. Cellular Solutions provides a turnkey solution to meet your company’s unique needs. Their highly skilled technicians and engineering team have over 30 years of experience in RF in-building design. They guarantee you a flawless wireless repeater solution for any application. Cellular Solutions provides post installation support and maintenance services to ensure satisfaction for the life of the system. Cellular Solutions prides themselves in providing superior customer service and support. Check them out today and be sure to use your Cellular Solutions coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions for great savings and discounts.