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About Calumet Photographic Equipment

If you ever wanted to know where a photographer shopped, look no further than Calumet Photographic. No matter if its film or digital that you prefer, Calumet has the selection you need. They carry equipment for both types of cameras in addition to cables, studio lighting, computers, and more from top brands like Nikon, Canon, Leica, Cambo, Horseman, Fujifilm, etc. Use Calumet Photographic coupon codes to save on your next purchase.

About Calumet Photographic Equipment Deals

Calumet Photographic is the top drawer in the photographer's toolbox. Whether you enjoy the slosh and spill of chemicals in the traditional darkroom or prefer the immediacy of the digital darkroom, Calumet has what you need from cameras and cables to studio lighting and computers. Photographers around the world have been depending on Calumet Photographic for over 70 years because they know where to go for the equipment they need and expert advice they can't get anywhere else. Their sales associates know the photo industry inside and out; they're here to answer questions and offer advice so you can make informed buying decisions. Whether you shoot digital, video or traditional, it's their commitment to help you get exactly what you need when you need it. Calumet Photographic makes purchasing equipment and supplies, as well as equipment rental, extremely easy. Since it is a nationwide network, you can usually pick up supplies for a shoot when you arrive if the location is near a Calumet retail outlet. Otherwise, you can have Calumet FedEx whatever you need to wherever you are. Shop their wide selection of products from categories including cameras and lenses, accessories, studio and lighting, video, printing and computing, film and darkroom and more. Featured brands include all your favorite and industry-trusted names like Nikon, PhaseOne, Sony, Canon, Genesis, Tamron, Bowens, ILFORD, Hasselblad, Cambo, MamiyaLeaf, MeFOTO, TENBA, and many more. Be sure to get great savings, discounts, and deals on your next order by taking advantage of Calumet Photographic coupon codes, special promotions, and exclusive deals.