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Everyday professionals, experts and entertainers are hosting radio shows and podcasting and being heard by millions. With BlogTalkRadio Premium membership, they have access to powerful and simple to use tools that allow them to create professional radio shows and podcasts with just a phone and a computer. There is no fancy equipment or software needed and no need to store files. With BlogTalkRadio Premium membership you'll be able to consistently deliver your message and grow your audience. Watch for BlogTalkRadio coupon codes for special rates and promotions.

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Build your brand on Blog Talk Radio and let the opportunities roll in! Join thousands of hosts that are finding success with them and enjoy the benefits of hosting on Blog Talk Radio. Build your brand and promote your latest project, book or product. You can market to millions of listeners on Blog Talk Radio, gaining great exposure and not publicity you can't find anywhere else, also allowing you access to industry leaders and connections to build and expand your network. You can host with no technical expertise or expensive equipment so you can save your money! Create more content quickly to complement your existing website, blog or social media presence and broadcast from anywhere in the world. Some of the world's most well-known companies that are on Blog Talk Radio include HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., Intel, WebMD, Sears, Ford and many more! So what are you waiting for? Get on the bandwagon and start gaining credibility for yourself today. Sign up for a free 30-day, risk free trial and see where it takes you. You can cancel at any time. So sign up today using your Blog Talk Radio coupon code and take advantage of special offers!

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Free Trial Sign-Up: $1.00 donation, Premium Package Sign-Up: $12.50 donation, Premium Plus Package Sign-Up: $37.50 donation, Branded Profile Package Sign-Up: $87.50 donation. *Donations are paid on sales where customer stays for more than 62 days. This includes one-month free trial.