About Bitcasa

Bitcasa offers cloud storage solutions, with plenty of free storage for members. For only a small fee more you can upgrade from 20GB to 1TB, which is enough storage for more than 300,000 photos or 300 full length DVD movies. With Bitcasa coupon codes from GoodShop you can get an even better deal on your purchase, such as 15% off on a yearly plan. Why not start backing up and protecting your data today with Bitcasa coupons?

About Bitcasa Deals

Chances are, you have some sensitive, important, and even secret documents on your computer. And you want to make sure they're not only safe, but that you can access them wherever you are - because you never know when you'll need to access some of your most important financial documents. Bitcasa allows you to securely store, access, and share all your digital possessions – every picture, every movie, every document, every song – without limits.

The Bitcasa Platform provides completely private and secure cloud storage, accessible on any computer or mobile device. Bitcasa helps you store, share and get the most out of your digital belongings -- your music, photos, videos, documents and files -- simply and easily. Sharing your stuff with anyone -- even non-Bitcasa users -- is easy and instant. Unlike many storage solutions, the Bitcasa Platform keeps your digital belongings safe and secure by encrypting all your files before they’re uploaded -- you, and only you, have access to your stuff.

Not even Bitcasa employees can see your files! Access your music, photos, movies, videos, documents and files from anywhere. Store once, and read anywhere. Everything in your Bitcasa Drive is available to all of your devices, and you can even access your files offline. Unlike other services, Bitcasa allows you to view or stream any type of file to any device – with no additional software required. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next purchase by taking advantage of Bitcasa coupon codes, special deals and exclusive offers. Past deals have included savings of up to 18% on premium pricing.