About Be Legend

Have you always wanted to be an international soccer star? Be a Legend coupons here at Goodshop save on in-game purchases at this online multi-user game that lets you do just that. It’s free to play but you may want to purchase upgrades to make it more fun and competitive. Train with fun mini-games before you compete. Earn in-game currency that lets you buy equipment and even virtual homes and cars. Sounds like fun!

About Be Legend Deals

Be A Legend is an online soccer game that allows you to play the role of a soccer star in any team around the world, and compete with others for recognition and prizes. Although it is free to play, you will want to purchase upgrades and other in-game items to make yourself more competitive and have more fun. Use a Goodshop promo code to save money on your in-game purchases.

Within the game, you can use various skills to defeat your opponent: attack, defense, mood, technique, and speed. The game allows you to train between matches with fun mini-games, and develop your skills using free kicks, penalty kicks, and corner kicks. As you become better, you will see your statistics improve and win more games.

You can earn cash within the game (in-game currency) by doing actions within the game and by logging in to play each day. Energy is limited, which makes the game more competitive; you recover 1 point each minute, so you can keep playing. Shields will help you within the game; you can purchase more if needed. Tickets are another rechargeable item.

Also within the game there are objects to buy and sell with your in-game currency. You can purchase a home, upgrade it, and buy new cars. Find out more by visiting their Facebook page, website, or just jump in today and play!