About American Meadows

American Meadows is one of the most respected online retailers of wildflower seeds, perennial plants,flower bulbs and vegetable seeds in all of North America with customers ranging from some of the most experienced horticulturists in the country, to those who simply want to add a little color to their life, and everyone in between. In addition to its nationally-known, exclusive wildflower seed mixtures and species, American Meadows offers a complete line of flower bulbs and perennials, as well as over a thousand different plants, seeds, bulbs and associated products throughout the year as seasons allow. Visit American Meadows for your next gardening project and remember to use your AmericanMeadows.com coupon code to receive special savings.

About American Meadows Deals

American Meadows is one of the most respected online retailers of perennial plants, vegetable seeds, flower bulbs, and wildflower seeds in North America since 1981. They desire to be your trusted gardening partner for your creative garden ideas. If you are willing to combine your innovative ideas with their products American Meadows will not let you down. Nearly 15,000 gardeners pay Americanmeadows.com a visit for their product quality and the extensive “How-To” information that they provide. They help customers enjoy gardening with in an inexpensive way in both time and money. American Meadows’ nationally-known exclusive wildflower seed mixtures are only part of their catalog as they also have a complete line of flower bulbs and perennials. They offer a thousand different plants, seeds, and bulbs according to seasons. One of the reasons American Meadows can keep themselves and you up to current gardening tips and products is because American Meadows’ catalog is online and not printed and mailed out; they don’t need to worry about the cost issues dealing with logistics. Keeping their catalog online also helps keep the environment clean. Their prices are some of the lowest you will find for high-quality gardening products. American Meadow does not want to just sell you products, they want you to learn and be informed. They communicate weekly with over 50,000 members to share and grow their love for gardening. Don’t forget to use your American Meadows coupon for addition savings!